About Us

Savakam is an online marketplace that offers people an easy way to post and search for different services from all over Cambodia. It is founded in Cambodia in 2018. People can easily access certain services according to the requirement. You do not have to spend hours searching for that particular service while Sevakam is a big hub of all services offered.

To enjoy using website Sevakam online marketplace, all you need to do is register with us. It will not take much of your time to become a member. This site does not require any registration fee. Once a member, you will be able to save, post, and browse for the services that you require. What’s more, you will be able to choose a certain service according to price offered, posted date, number of views and rating score. In addition to the rating star a service has, it means that if a service has three stars rating or five stars rating, this is a clear indication that their services are excellent. Therefore, someone else has recommended their services. However, this does not mean if a certain service has zero star rating their services are not excellent.

This online website has a privacy policy where it protects its members from fraudsters among others. You can also contact Sevakam easily if you have any query through email. With so many services available at Sevakam marketplace, you can have your jobs done easily and timely. The website has provided vast detailed services from big companies to small ones with competitive prices. Sevakam has created an amazing opportunity of merging the gap between service providers and service seekers. You can market your service at Sevakam any time and you are guaranteed to be viewed. All it takes is just one click and you will gain access to various services at your screen.